Company Profile

Gulf Minetech has built market reputation for its business model and excellence through its high profile customer base in the Middle East and African countries.

The company operates a sustainable business model mindful of the four pillars of business – customers, employees, brand partners and owners that bodes well for its long term financial stability. This business model incorporates maintaining strong customer and industry relations built on trust, openness and understanding. The business model also emphasizes strong ties through a focused approach.

The company sources, stocks and supplies a broad range of products for construction, oil and gas and mining industry. These market leading products are sourced from high end manufacturers (brand partners), using high grade materials to produce market leading brands. Gulf Minetech is responsive and flexible, continually striving to add new and cutting edge products and business strategies designed to meet the ever changing markets and customer needs.

The company’s products fir a broad range of categories such as automotive parts, heavy commercial truck parts, pipes and fittings, cutting and welding equipment and consumables, valves and couplings, chemicals (reagents), industrial filters, mining lighting system, underground marking paints, workwear both industrial and safety. In March 2014 Gulf Minetech added another brand partner namely Discoverer Core Trays.

We work with uncompromising integrity; we demonstrate honest and ethical behavior in all transaction placing the success of our business ahead of personal gain.

We give and receive unquestionable trust, we work in an environment in which we can trust one another and share information freely, thereby carrying out our work to the best of our abilities.

We commit only what we can deliver, our word is our bond, we prove and maintain constant credibility by consistently delivering on our commitments through which we earn respect of those around us.

We lead through example and strive to excel in everything that we do and work tirelessly to find new ways to exceed our customer’s expectations.


We provide a competitive advantage by delivering quality range to products and services through our team of energetic, result oriented employees with talents and skill necessary to succeed in our industry.


We plan to expand in both international markets and the Middle East by serving our customers existing and new, with quality products and service on a timely basis and though remaining responsive creative and flexible.

At Gulf Minetech, we are expanding globally and we strive to set, by example, the standard for service excellence and high quality products in construction, oil and gas whilst specializing in mining industry. We pride ourselves on service delivery and will do “whatever it takes” to deliver exceptional products and performance for our customers.

Company Values

Gulf Minetech defines its core values as integrity, trust, commitment, leadership and excellence, all of which define the company culture and working environment. We uphold these values on a day to day basis within our business.